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Customized Therapy Specific to Your Needs

At Touch of Healing all sessions are customized to your needs.  We offer a number of different types of therapy. We take the time to get to know your issues, and tailor your session for you.  Hot Towels, Hot Stones, Cupping, and many other tools are used in each sessions as needed for your specific need.


So while you might be scheduled for a Deep Tissue Massage, you may also have a congested head and need a bit of lymphatic drainage or cold stone therapy on your sinuses.  Not a problem.  We work that into your session so that you come out feeling 110% better.


Get the Full 60 Minutes You Pay For

When you pay for an “hour session,” you get a full 60 minute session.  At Touch of Healing we are all Independent therapists who make their own schedules so that our clients get the full 60 minutes when they book an hour session.  With us you are a person with issues to be solved and you get a proper evaluation and assessment.  


Advanced Training for Expert Quality of Service

Touch of Healing believes that there is always some way to improve by learning more techniques.  Many therapists only get the required training for a license and then attend a couple of classes every couple of years to meet continuing education requirements. In Arizona that is only 24 hours every two years.

At Touch of Healing, continuing education is paramount.  Owner, Marie Neugent, is a Massage Instructor and takes pride in the hours she spends with her fellow therapists in developing their skills and techniques to bring expert quality services to our community.  Our therapists take  hundreds of extra hours in continuing education ensure that you are getting the highest quality treatment from a well-trained, highly-educated therapist.

We Make it Easy with Convenient Online Scheduling

With Touch of Healing you can make an appointment any day and any time of the day on-line.

Just log onto our online booking site and make your appointment – even if it’s 3:00 AM.

Book Your Therapy Session On-line  or Call 602-373-4879 for help with booking.


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