At Touch of Healing one of the most important resources we offer our clients is the time to truly "hear" and "listen" to their health concerns.
You'll receive personal attention, one-on-one time, and the respect you deserve.

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From stress release to injury recovery, you will receive professional personalized treatment that is unique to your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

We pride ourselves in using our knowledge, advanced training and experience to give you excellent personalized care with every service.   We have had the pleasure of working with people from all ages and walks of life.  It is from our skills and experience from a diverse group of clients that we have acquired the knowledge to give you the treatment you're looking for.

At Touch of Healing  you will find a therapeutic sanctuary.  The therapeutically designed space inspires rejuvenation and relaxation as you embark upon your massage and wellness journey.


We offer some of the best Mesa, Arizona advanced wellness services designed to optimize your health and well-being.

Our wellness professionals are experienced, highly trained and qualified to work with people of all ages. 

Touch of Healing is dedicated to helping you lead an active, vibrant life.

We are delighted to be able to offer you a growing range of treatments, therapies and activities which are in harmony with our healing-care approach.  


We welcome your input and involvement, a real partnership on your healing journey.


That's what you'll notice when you visit Touch of Healing – how different it is from other massage and wellness offices you've visited.


Touch of Healing uses healing-care that takes into account the whole person, an holistic approach to care of the mind, body, and spirit.


Touch of Healing is widely recognized as a regional leader in customized results-driven therapeutic massage. Our therapists have received specialized training in the field of bodywork and specialized manual therapies.  We are available for every age, fitness level, and medical condition. 


Whether you have been in an automobile accident or simply need to relax, you can benefit from massage. Mesa, Arizona residents trust the massage therapists at Touch of Healing. Massage therapy is a natural, effective way to relieve stress and reduce pain and inflammation. At Touch of Healing, we provide five-star care for all of your massage needs – body, mind and spirit!




 Are you curious about the ways that herbs, local plant medicine, and a holistic approach to health might be able to support you or your family in a more sustainable way?

Are you experiencing a health condition and want to try a more nature-based healing approach?

Owner, Marie Neugent, is a Western Herbalist.  She is a trained herbalist and aromatherapist, so she is able to answer questions you may have about herbs and essential oils, how they work, which ones are useful for what types of situations, and how to best use them.

A full consultation with an herbalist is for people seeking to do deeper work on their health and truly work to achieve long-last changes in their life. You must be willing and interested in making changes to your diet and lifestyle, and not just be looking for herbs to be a ‘fix’ to your problems, but to act as allies in the bigger picture.

They are an on-going relationship between you and your practitioner, who will act as your guide as you navigate your own health journey; helping you to find the herbs and other healing modalities that best fit you and your health picture.

Herbs and Remedies


Energy therapy promotes health, balance and relaxation. Your wellness professional will use the concept of connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our lives to clear blocks that accumulate in the body hindering the natural flow of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. This healing focus promotes personal empowerment, self-healing and spiritual growth.



Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis by a trained hypnotherapist to help a person make positive changes in their life. The use of hypnosis allows the hypnotherapist to bypass the critical areas of the conscious mind and access the subconscious mind directly. All our learned behaviors and habits, either good or bad, reside in the subconscious mind.


Hypnosis speeds up the process of positive change. Old unwanted negative associations and patterns of behavior can easily be removed and replaced with positive beneficial ones. Allowing you to open the box of positive change in your life. Transform your perception; rediscover and conquer the root cause of issues such as weight gain/loss, anxiety, confidence and phobias with hypnotherapy.

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