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Touch of Healing offers a cost effective way to get your massages consistently within your time and budget. Sign up for our Massage Club Today!


$99 for  60 Minute Massage Membership

$149 for  90 Minute Massage Membership


 payable on the same day each month, you are entitled to receive:   


  • Savings with every massage

  • One Pre-paid Customized Therapeutic Massage per calendar month

  • Rolls over into next month, if not used

  • Same rate for additional visits during the month

  • Same rate for gift certificate purchases

  • Gift your prepaid session to a relative in the same household for a $20 transfer fee

  • Month-to-Month program.  No contract or long-term commitment

  • Payment made via auto-debit once per month on the start date of authorization charge

  • May stop or suspend plan at any time or make changes with 30 days’ notice in writing prior to the next billing.

  • No refunds on unused sessions after cancellation date or if notice is not given in writing.

  • Can freeze plan for a minimum of one and a maximum of six months at a time.  A membership must be unfrozen a minimum of 30 days before it can be frozen again

If your credit card is declined:

A thirty dollar ($30.00) fee will be assessed for every charge that is declined
Client will receive a phone call in an effort to correct the situation
The credit card will be run again three (3) business days after it declines and every (3) days until payment is collected.

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